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Taking note of the fact that bonito extract, an ingredient used in making seasonings, contains anserine in large quantities, YSK has conducted research jointly with university research laboratories and other organizations to determine the properties of anserine.

In experiments with laboratory mice, we found that the animals that consumed anserine retained their ability of movement longer than the ones that did not. We also learned that anserine inhibited the buildup of lactic acid, a substance known to be associated with fatigue. Further investigation revealed that the muscle tissues of bonito and tuna contain anserine in greater quantities than the muscle tissues of other fish.

Bonito and tuna, two fish with which the Japanese are very familiar, begin swimming the oceans at the age of two years. They swim continuously night and day. When in pursuit of a food source, they are said to reach speeds of 60 kilometers per hour or more. Anserine has sparked high hopes for its potential to provide a partial explanation for both the endurance and the instantaneous power of these two fish species. Anserine