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 Yaizu Suisankagaku Industry (YSK) is constantly looking to the oceans for substances that are useful to human beings, and creating new products from those substances. Researching the untapped resources of the ocean, we discover a wealth of beneficial substances and nurture them into finished products. Our research and development can best be summed up by the keywords, "The answer always lies in the ocean." Here is an overview of our main functional materials, which have recently been attracting attention.

Product NameProduct featuresallergy
 N-acetylglucosamine This is a white crystal powder with a good-quality sweetness equivalent to about half that of sugar. Its excellent water solubility and stability enable its inclusion in a wide range of foods such as drinks,soups,chilled sweets,and noodles. In dietary supplements,too,it can be processed in various forms such as drinks,tablets,soft capsules,and hard capsules. A special cosmetic grade is also available that can be included in cosmetic products. Shrimp , Crab
Anserine Anserine is a light yellow or farm-colored powder extracted from Pacific bluefin tuna or skipjack tuna by our original method. This water-soluble powder is suitable for inclusion in drinks and dietary supplements. Due to its verified active oxygen-inhibiting effect,it can also be used as a cosmetic material.
 Theaflavin Theaflavin is a reddish powder formed from two catechins and contains polyphenol(theaflavin) in high concentration,an ingredient of black tea.
Chitin oligosaccharide This is a white or light yellow powder with a refreshingly sweet taste. It can be not only placed into capsules or pressed into tablets,but also included in refreshing drinks and energy drinks due to its water solubility. The chitin oligosaccharide has increasingly gained attention in the food industry as a new food material providing new functions including a lactic acid bacteria proliferation effect. It has also proven to be effective in activating the biological defense mechanism of plants,so it can be used as an eco-friendly agricultural material such as a plant activator or fertilizer. Shrimp , Crab
Chitosan This is a light yellow powder. Shrimp , Crab
Chitosan oligosaccharide This is a light yellow or light brown powder. Compared with polysaccharide chitosan,chitosan oligosaccharide has a higher water solubility and a less bitter taste, allowing for easy inclusion in various kinds of beverages and processed food products. In the food industry,chitosan oligosaccharide has attention as a new food material with new functions such as an antibacterial effect. It can also be used as an eco-friendly agricultural material such as a plant activator or fertilizer. Shrimp , Crab
 Glucosamine Glucosamine is a water-soluble white or crystal powder. High-purity glucosamine is prpduced from chitin derived from prawn shells. It can be not only placed in capsules or pressed into tablets,but also incorporated into refreshing drinks,energy drinks,soup and other processed food products. Shrimp
Chondroitin sulfate Chondroitin sulfate is a water-soluble white or yellow powder extracted from shark cartilage. It can be processed into various forms of dietary supplements,such as drinks,tablets,soft capsules, or hard capsules. It also provides a thickening effect and is gentle on the throat,so it can be used in various kinds of foods including drinks,soups,chilled sweets,and noodles.
Fucoidan Fucoidan is a browm powder with a seaweed flavor. It is not only taken in supplement form as capsules or tablets,but also widely used in refreshing drinks,energy drinks,soups and other processed food products due to its high water solubility. Even in viscous polysaccharides,fucoidan derived from Cladosiphon Okamuranus has a moisture-retaining property equivalent to that of hyaluronan used in various cosmetic items,so it can be used in such cosmetic products as face lotion,face cream,and shampoo.

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