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YSK receives halal certification

We are pleased to announce that some of our liquid seasonings (Deliquid Dried Bonito N-NA, Kombu Extract F No.500 and Bonito Extract HL) have been certified by “Nippon Asia Halal Association (NAHA)”, a Japanese Halal certification committee, as "liquid seasoning", which is produced in accordance with Islamic precepts. 

Certification Authority: Nippon Asia Halal Association (NAHA)
Reference Number: F230915-1-YSK
Certification decision date: 15th September 2023

The Halal certification from NAHA has been mutually certified by Halal certification organizations in Malaysia (JAKIM), Singapore (MUIS), and Thailand (CICOT), and is considered to valid for export and sales to the relevant countries.

Currently, the Muslim population is said to account for 25% of the world's population, and it is expected to reach 30% by around 2050. Also in recent years, the population growth and economic development of the Muslim world, especially in Asia, has been remarkable, and the Halal market is expected to expand rapidly.

With this background, utilising our experience in overseas sales, and through the sales of our newly certified Halal products, we aim to increase sales in existing markets and cultivate new markets to further expand our overseas business. In Japan, demand for Halal ingredients is expected to increase due to the revival of inbound tourism and overseas export strategies of processed food manufacturers. By proactively responding to these needs, we contribute to the world's food supply by providing "high-quality" products and services to a diverse range of customers with different cultures and customs.